Welcome to my counselling service

0Counsellor/Therapist - Wendy

Wendy Russell.dip Theraputic Counselling and indivdusl member of the BACP

Hello my name is Wendy, are you currently Feeling anxious, angry, depression controlling you? I could be the support you need to get things back on track, be you again. Counselling for my clients has helped to unlock feelings and thoughts, by exploring what is said and reflecting on things felt, They feel understood and heard, they have a voice again. I know how tough counselling can be, talking to a stranger? share your thoughts and feelings? but you can, it is safe and helps your wellbeing and mental health. I have no boxes to tick or agenda to meet, Its about you, what you need, what you bring and I work at your pace and speed.

Experience and what I do

My experience and training mean I can provide face to face counselling services on an individual basis.  I work from a Person Centred model but integrate other models like CBT to help with the needs of the client. I cover most areas of counselling such as depression, anxiety, anger issues, grief, PTSD, Rape, domestic abuse, childhood sexual assault, OCD. For more information or details please contact me. 

Online sessions:  As a result of time constraints, it has become aware that a significant proportion of the population may not be in a position to go through the process of seeking out a therapist and attending face to face sessions. In addition, the persistent stigma of going through and dealing with emotional and other difficulties may also deter those who would benefit from therapy from utilising the conventional approach. Client's believe that being able to access therapy from the comfort of their own home, office, personal space or wherever they choose will address the problems outlined.